Buy real French passport online


Learn about the French passport advantages, along with whether you need to surrender your existing one in order to complete the French passport application. Read on to discover more about applying for un passeport Français.

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Buy real French passport online

e-French Passport. Discover the benefits of obtaining a French passport as well as whether you must give up your current one in order to submit your application. Continue reading to learn more about obtaining a French passport.

In order to travel the world as an EU citizen, foreign residents of France who have also attained French citizenship may apply for a France passport. Since France permits dual nationality, obtaining a French passport will allow you to have two passports and grant you visa-free entry into many non-European nations.

Buy real French passport online
Buy real French passport online

Here are some details on how to obtain a French passport:.

advantages to obtaining a French passport.

who is qualified to obtain a passport.

how to make a passport application in French.

getting a French passport renewed or replaced.
Costs associated with a French passport.
At the end of the guide, there is also an additional information section with links to helpful websites and web pages with more details on the passeport Francais (French passport).

When you become a citizen of France, you are given two forms of identification: the French passport and the Card National d’Identite. You can move around the EU without a passport if you have a national ID card, but you’ll need one to leave the continent.

France now issues biometric passports, and as of June 2009, every French passport will include the holder’s biometric information, including a digital photo and fingerprints. Current EU regulations are met by this.

The typical French biometric passport is a 32-page, dark red booklet with a micro controller that contains the holder’s biographical data. The important personal data, such as the photo, signature, height, eye color, and unique passport number, is printed on a single page at the back of the passport, as is the case with many passports.

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