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Luxembourgish passport is a travel document issued by the State which enables their holders to be identified by foreign authorities.

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Buy Luxembourg passport online

( Buy Luxembourg passport online ) A passport from Luxembourg is a form of identification recognized by other countries’ authorities.

The Luxembourg passport was created in accordance with the requirements for biometrics and security features in passports of EU citizens.

The biometric passport includes an electronic chip with the owner’s identity photo, two digital fingerprint images, and an image of the owner’s signature.

Since the implementation of biometric passports, the State has issued one passport per holder, ensuring that every child has their own passport.

Buy Luxembourg passport online
Buy Luxembourg passport online

Only when traveling to one of the majority of foreign nations outside the European Economic Area (EEA) that requires a passport does the holder need one. Entry and visitor visas are stamped in the passport as needed by third parties.

Note: It is advised to check the passport’s validity before departing to ensure that it will last the duration of the trip in all of the destinations. Some nations will only issue entry visas to individuals whose passports are still valid at least six months after the visa’s requested expiration date.

Each and every Luxembourg national is eligible to apply for a passport provided they:.

reside in the Grand Duchy and plan to go to a foreign country, especially outside the EU, for which a passport is required;.

live abroad, and.

do not yet possess a passport; or.

Their passport will soon expire.

Children need a passport of their own because they are not listed on their parents’ passports.


A five-year passport costs EUR 50.

It costs EUR 30 to get a 2-year passport (but only for kids under 4). If the application was submitted to a diplomatic mission, there will be a shipping fee in addition to these amounts.

There is an additional fee for the expedited passport application process. Passports with a 5-year validity are subject to a tax of EUR 150, while those with a 2-year validity are only subject to an EUR 90 tax (applicable to children under the age of 4).

When submitting the application, a payment receipt is required to be shown. The tax can be paid by bank transfer or cash payment to the postal account of the Passport Office (Bureau des passeports): IBAN LU 46 1111 1298 0014 0000 CCPLLULL. The Passport Office also accepts direct bank card payments.

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